We help families and loved ones with disabilities create a blueprint for future care. We assist with estate planning to protect eligibility for public benefits (special needs trust planning), benefits analysis, life planning, and future planning.


We refer PLAN participants to the local attorneys and financial planners we know who are knowledgeable about special needs and discretionary trusts for people with disabilities.


  • Contingency care planning
  • Estate Planning to protect benefits and entitlements
  • Benefits analysis to maximize eligibility for benefits

Family Surrogacy

When your family joins PLAN, you join OUR family. Our staff assist with tasks as varied as securing and maintaining benefits, to meeting for coffee to just touch base. We strive to establish solid rapport with PLAN participants, assisting with current difficulties in positive ways in order to build a trusting relationship, which ensures that carefully planned assistance is delivered over time.


Our team views your loved one as family and provides companionship, emotional support, transportation, social outings, home maintenance help, advocacy, help with medical concerns, and crisis intervention like the following:


  • Researching/arranging for counseling, vocational or other services
  • Assisting with eligibility for programs and residential placements
  • Communicating with attorneys and trust representatives, doctors or other medical providers
  • Providing medication monitoring and reminders
  • Advocating for benefits, medical intervention, and primary disability services
  • Providing companion services and regular monitoring
  • Assisting with personal and home care
  • Serving as Social Security Representative Payee

Recreation Programs

People with disabilities can be isolated and lonely, prevented from engaging in community activities due to lack of funds, transportation, and friends.  PLAN’s Recreation Program reduces such isolation by offering a monthly calendar of recreational activities, the majority of which are community based, where people can socialize, have fun, and feel like a part of things!


  • Monthly restaurant dinners
  • Movies
  • Sports outings
  • Art and cultural outings
  • Local fairs and festivals
  • Bowling
  • Arts and crafts classes, at PLAN and in the community
  • Parties and picnics
  • Exercise and wellness
  • Group Volunteering

Cognitive Enhancement Therapy

(Cognitive Enhancement Therapy, Or CET)

PLAN offers an intensive, evidence based cognitive rehabilitation program designed improve the neuro and social cognitive functioning of people diagnosed with schizophrenic illnesses. “Coaches” certified by the Center for Cognition and Recovery in Cleveland, Ohio (www.cetcleveland.org) lead CET group members through a year long course of study that improves short term memory, attention to task, concentration, and cognitive processing speed, which is overlaid with a social cognitive curriculum that jump starts their stalled social cognitive development.  CET addresses the negative symptoms of schizophrenia and can result in:


  • Increased motivation
  • Improved social skill execution
  • Increased spontaneous affect
  • Clearer expressive communication
  • A better life!