Stacy MartzExecutive Director

    PLAN INVOLVEMENT: I am the Executive Director of PLAN which means I wear a lot of hats, something I truly love.  I work with PLAN programs, business management, grant writing, and fundraising, but my favorite responsibility relates to bringing a quality of life to PLAN families and the individuals we serve with disabilities.

    BACKGROUND: I have been the Executive Director of PLAN since 1999.  I am also a Certified Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET Cleveland) Coach and Trainer. Prior to that, I worked in disability related fields after obtaining degrees in psychology and special education. 

    WHY PLAN: I became involved with PLAN because I admired the mission. I love the idea that working at PLAN allows us to become an ongoing, positive presence in the lives of people with whom we work. 

    FUN FACT ABOUT ME: I’ve adopted nine feral cats who live with me and my husband, and I love to paint, read, and travel.

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