Sharon DuerrPLAN Office Manager

    PLAN INVOLVEMENT: I am the office manager at PLAN of Southwest Ohio, and have been loving my job for over six years! I do everything from answering questions for our families, scheduling, and planning of events and activities for our clients.

    BACKGROUND: Previous to PLAN I was with a small contract furniture company here in Cincinnati doing XX and prior to that I was a contractor with P&G for 10 years.

    WHY PLAN: I was feeling unfulfilled in my current position and was looking for an opportunity to make a difference, little did I know that responding to an ad would have changed my life. I now get the pleasure of helping families across the tri-state and influencing change and development for our clients.  The smiles and small milestones I get to witness are nothing short of a miracle.

    FUN FACT ABOUT ME: I love water sports and boating but my joy in life is my sweet 5 ye5-year-old granddaughter! 

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