Debbie Niessel StephensonCare Manager/Recreation Program Coordinator

    PLAN INVOLVEMENTI’ve been working at PLAN since 2000 in the capacities of Care Manager and Recreation Program Coordinator.  I enjoy both positions, but the Recreation Program position is my favorite.  I’ve been able to get PLAN participants out in the community regularly to enjoy themselves and experience new things, and that’s a kick for me. 

    BACKGROUND: I have a degree from Northern Kentucky University in Mental Health and Geriatrics, and before PLAN, worked largely with people who have developmental disabilities, as a unit manager and then county service facilitator. 

    WHY PLAN: PLAN allows me to be a part of people’s lives in an ongoing fashion, which I really like.  Also, PLAN participants rely on me for some of the most important services at PLAN:  those that give them something to look forward to and that enrich their lives with friends and good times, which is rewarding on many levels. 

    FUN FACT ABOUT ME: I’ll be participating in the Senior Olympics in volleyball this year, my first year.  I love animals and usually have a menagerie at my house of pets I own and those that visit. 

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