Cynthia SchneiderBoard of Trustees - Executive Committee

    PLAN INVOLVEMENT: I have been a member of PLAN’s Board of Trustees since 2010, chair the Program/Quality Assurance committee and serve on the Executive committee.

    BACKGROUND: In addition to my involvement with PLAN, I am also the Southwest Ohio Co-Chair of OCVIC (Ohio Consumer Voice for Integrated Care) and a member of the Molina Consumer Advisory, Bridge2Acess.  Prior to PLAN, I worked for 20 years in early childhood/parent education as an author, lecturer, and program manager.

    WHY PLAN: I started my participation with PLAN as a client in 2005 after suffering a traumatic brain injury. I am so appreciative of the amazing support PLAN has provided to me, that I look for ways to give back to others facing similar challenges.

    FUN FACT ABOUT ME: I have two daughters in their early 30s; one lives in northern KY and the other in Tampa, FL. My youngest works part-time for the Cincinnati Circus Company. I live with a roommate, 1 cat, 2 dogs and 2 parrots—we often refer to our place as “Nora’s Ark.” I LOVE crafts, photography, and anything to do with nature and animals.

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