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About PLAN of Southwest Ohio

PLAN of Southwest Ohio is a private non-profit organization whose mission is to provide peace of mind to families worried about loved ones with disabilities.  We provide individualized, quality services to people with serious, chronic disabilities who need personalized care when the family can no longer help provide it.

PLAN helps families develop long-term care plans, works with families to find way to support that care plan financially, and carries out the care plan now and for a lifetime as a family surrogate.

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We help families and loved ones with disabilities create a blueprint for future care. We assist with estate planning to protect eligibility for public benefits (special needs trust planning), benefits analysis, life planning, and future planning.

We refer PLAN participants to the local attorneys and financial planners we know who are knowledgeable about special needs and discretionary trusts for people with disabilities.

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Family Surrogacy

When your family joins PLAN, you join OUR family.  Our staff assist with tasks as varied as securing and maintaining benefits, to meeting for coffee to just touch base.  We strive to establish solid rapport with PLAN participants, assisting with current difficulties in positive ways in order to build a trusting relationship, which ensures that carefully planned assistance is delivered over time.

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Recreation & Fun

People with disabilities are often isolated and bored.  We host numerous community based recreational outings each month and facilitate the fun!  We can help individuals pursue independent recreational opportunities in the community as well.

Brain Therapy

Our Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET)  program (CET Cleveland) is an evidence based practice designed to improve the neuro and social cognitive development of people diagnosed with schizophrenic illnesses.

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Like Family-Today, Tomorrow,

and for a Lifetime

Our Family

Our team of professionals treats your family member as our own. Our goal is to ease the burden for those who are struggling to assist a loved one with a disability through any stage in life.

Our Mission

Planned Lifetime Assistance Network (PLAN) of Southwest Ohio offers a family peace of mind and quality of life for their loved one with a disability through planning and lifelong assistance.

Our Values

The values of PLAN are simple; provide quality of life through support and care that is warm, professional and family oriented for all individuals being assisted while maintaining respect, empathy, acceptance for all.

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